We are HIRING!!!

5 Great Reasons to work for Us:

  • Major Salaries from R3000 – R 6500 in context of appreciation (showed reputation)
  • R 500 Attendance Bonus
  • Permanency despite advantages
  • associations
  • NO terminations of the week, long distance race days or night shifts
  • Uncapped commission
  • Must have Grade 9, 10, 11, 12 or abet
  • Must be no less than 18 set up
  • Determined specialist
  • Continually open in crises
  • No experience required
  • No aptitudes required
  • All around masterminded

We anticipate a great deal in this key position and are set up to compensate the correct adversary in like way. In the event that you acknowledge you’re reasonable for the development, send your CV and reveal to us why.


We don’t simply offer you a fundamental compensation yet in like manner commission, prizes and money motivations.


Business duties join at any rate are not limited to the running with:

Manage all advancement enquires through phone, the web, Skype and email.

To be able to sort out the benefit

Thing/Package with the customer.

Check transparency of Products/Packages with providers and hold reservations, and after that react quickly, inside 12 hours, to the customer with different alternatives.

To book reservations for the customer for air, travel, lodging, safari visits and auto rentals, and compensate for lost time with the customer when basic to remain the reservation.

It is their promise to keep up and advance able and liberal customer relations by being minute and right in their correspondences.

Show able client advantage aptitudes.

To get up to speed with customers on fulfillment of their adventure for commitment on the experience.

It is a Reservation Consultants responsibility to remain taught of all industry principles, techniques and course, including having an exhaustive comprehension of the Standard Tour Operator rates, BAR, Margins and so forth.

Know and reasonably use conveyor wording, codes, charge introduce, flight principles and evaluations, asset partners, books and industry contacts.

Reservation Consultant’s duties are more courses of action centered with higher volumes of enquiries and speedier turn times.

A Reservation Consultant needs to contribute around 80% of their imperativeness directing travel related asking for and around 20% of their probability on Product/Package and

Target Training and comprehending how to make new fascinating Siyabona


Helping Qualified Staff with head related work and Product/Package working as required.

Basic concentration yet not constrained to offering mid range Products/Packages, for instance, self-giving sustenance settlement, lodgings, auto rentals, nature extras, national parks, visitor houses and day trips.

Offer generally single and straight forward

Things/Packages yet meanwhile have essential comprehension on the best way to deal with join two things with exchanges/flights/auto use

Up-offering and offering choices.

Keep up dazzling business to business affiliations



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